About Us

Redstone is a Berlin based Venture Capital firm. We work with industry leaders activating their capital, knowledge and network enabling entrepreneurs to grow their businesses.

We believe in transparent and fast communication between the funds we manage and the start-ups we support. Working with our investors we enable entrepreneurs to access additional valued services alongside any capital investment.

Our approach involves enabling investments from several funds simultaneously to support our vision to invest globally at every stage and in every sector.

What we Offer

Our Partners all have backgrounds as entrepreneurs or worked in early stage start-ups which means they understand first hand what it takes to start, build and exit companies. Their experience and understanding of a myriad of different problems entrepreneurs can face helps them to.

What we look for

We’re looking for entrepreneurs that challenge the status quo and disrupt age old ways of doing things. They must have the determination and resilience to execute on their plans.

How we enable investments

At Redstone we believe that what makes Venture Capital more an Art than Science are three things: timing in the market, the winning team to execute on an idea and the way the market will develop in the future. To enable investments we need answers on why now, why this team and why this solution.

Active Funds

Berliner Volksbank Ventures is the Venture Capital fund of Berliner Volksbank. Supported are young, innovative companies implementing their growth strategy. In doing so, stability, reliability, community and partnership are of great importance.

Investment Criteria

  • Sector Preference: FinTech, Real Estate Tech and B2B SaaS
  • Typical Round Size: €250k – €1m
  • Geography: Europe

Vogel Ventures is the early stage investment company of the Vogel Group. In addition to capital, they offer access to their wide media reach with over 100 Vogel publications. An important factor in the investment decision is the strategic fit to the B2B segments and markets already served by the Vogel Group itself.

Investment Criteria

  • Sector Preference: B2B SaaS and Marketplaces (Automation, Manufacturing, Construction, Pharma, Big Data, Logistics, Automotive, Legal, Finance, B2B Communication and Software)
  • Typical Round Size: €25k – €500k
  • Geography: DACH

The Vogel Business Media fund is the buy-out-fund of the Vogel Group. The Vogel Group provides high-quality specialist media platforms and Internet portals to allow an exchange of knowledge between the participants in each specific market. Of interest are investments that strengthen Vogel’s core business as well as establish new areas for growth.

Investment Criteria

  • Sector Preference: Business Intelligence, Corporate Communication, Events and B2B
  • Typical Round Size: €2m – €5m
  • Geography: DACH

Redstone manages the Venture Capital investments of one of Germany’s leading family offices. The aim is to build an attractive, digital portfolio of 15 to 20 companies. Typical investments are in the A and B round. Of great importance are the founding team as well as a proof-of-concept in the market.

Investment Criteria

  • Sector Preference: Knowledge Management, Digital Sales, FinTech, HR and Cyber Security
  • Typical Round Size: Series A and later; Depends on Case
  • Geography: Europe

One of the leading pan-European Private Equity firm specialising in buyouts across the region. The fund invests currently in late stage buyouts deals bigger than 200 million Euro.

Investment Criteria

  • Sector Preference: Sector Agnostic, pre-IPO or late stage with significant growth potential
  • Typical Round Size: Depends on Case
  • Geography: Europe

The fund has a specific focus on data-driven technology that increases client’s market share, improves their competitive positioning, creates new revenue streams, reduces costs or manages risks. KPMG Capital supports their investments through access to: world class research, thought leadership and client acquisition.

Investment Criteria

  • Sector Preference: Data, Cyber Security and Infrastructure
  • Typical Round Size: €2m – €10m
  • Geography: Europe

Involved companies

Service Partner


– Recruitment –

We are a network of companies exchanging active searching candidates for urgent to be placed positions.

Smart Start KPMG

– Start-Up Network –

KPMG’s Smart Start team support our portfolio companies with assistance on: business modelling, tax consulting, accounting issues and legal counselling.

Vogel Business Media

– Media Advertising –

Vogel business media is Germany’s major specialist media publisher. They offer our portfolio access to more than a hundred specialist media, web portals and business events on the national and international level. Their agency services can also be used for additional photography and development assistance.

MCB Salt

– Company Builder –

MCB Salt is our Partner Michael Brehm’s company builder based in the heart of Berlin. The team can provide our portfolio neutral assistance on fundraising strategies, financial business modelling and internationalisation strategies into other countries in Europe and Asia.


  • “Redstone's network, additional services and advice has been extremely helpful in scaling our business."

    Mathias Wengler Co-Founder and CEO Atheneum Partners
  • "Redstone’s team was truly helpful, with fast response time and overall very professional. We enjoyed working together with them not only during the investment process but we also value them as an important business sparring partner going forward.”

    Goran Buvac Co-Founder Bonagora
  • “Redstone has a truly unique model as it allows entrepreneurs like me access to more than one investor at a time.”

    Christoph Brem Co-Founder Inventorum

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GP Bullhound Technology Predictions 2017 - Berlin

Starts: 25. January 2017

Ends: 25. January 2017

Location: Markgrafenstraße 42, 10117, Berlin, Germany

European Super Angel Club

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Ends: 6. February 2017

Location: Österreichische Botschaft Berlin, Stauffenbergstraße 1, 10785 Berlin, Deutschland

The Future of Mobility - VW & Atlantikbrücke (Gaurav)

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