About Us

Redstone is a Venture Capital management and analytics company. Our experienced team is focused on optimizing investor or strategic relationships with companies in the digital sector. Our strong network and in-depth research assists interested parties to invest, partner or acquire European based technology companies. As a trusted partner, we work alongside investors in the seed, growth and buy-out stages.

Additionally to our investment service, we provide detailed sector analysis with intelligence on current and future digital trends. Our intelligence can be tailored to specific interests strengthening understanding. Our approach enables partners to make better informed decisions through improved market transparency.

Our Services

Our services include the full range of building market understanding, discovering and analysing investments as well as managing of digital businesses. The services are tailored to each customer’s specific needs and willingness.


Our Venture Capital management service enables investors to get access to deal sourcing and evaluation of start-ups tailored to their specific investment criteria. Investors have the flexibility to participate actively in the entire Venture Capital investment process. Additionally leveraging the Venture Capital network and superior entrepreneurial knowledge of the Redstone team.

Digital Monitor

Our monthly Start-up intelligence service allows investors to tailor their search criteria to discover the latest digital companies solving real business problems in the sectors they operate in. Using first hand market data we look to uncover the companies that could act as effective partners to existing business units or offer new business development opportunities.

Our advantage


Our team has gained entrepreneurial experience in many European markets and sectors. Our partners have spent several years advising, investing and starting companies. This provides the reassurance that they can manage the investment portfolio technically and strategically by taking board seats.


Deal Flow

We have built networks in several key locations throughout Europe to source deals providing us with on the ground insights into markets and trends. By screening these investment opportunities in diverse industries and business models we give investors the opportunity to see a multitude of investments.



Our unique business model requires appropriate processes and we have spent significant time refining these to meet the needs of our investors. We have leveraged our financial and entrepreneurial experience to create processes that work for any type of investor.


Our Clients

Berliner Volksbank Ventures is the Venture Capital fund of Berliner Volksbank. Supported are young, innovative companies implementing their growth strategy. In doing so, stability, reliability, community and partnership are of great importance.

Vogel Ventures is the early stage investment company of the Vogel Group. In addition to capital, they offer access to their wide media reach with over 100 Vogel publications. An important factor in the investment decision is the strategic fit to the B2B segments and markets already served by the Vogel Group itself.

The Vogel Business Media fund is the buy-out-fund of the Vogel Group. The Vogel Group provides high-quality specialist media platforms and Internet portals to allow an exchange of knowledge between the participants in each specific market. Of interest are investments that strengthen Vogel’s core business as well as establish new areas for growth.

The fund has a specific focus on data-driven technology that increases client’s market share, improves their competitive positioning, creates new revenue streams, reduces costs or manages risks. KPMG Capital supports their investments through access to: world class research, thought leadership and client acquisition.

Our Team

Samuli Siren

Managing Director

Michael Brehm


Thomas Baum


Jon Soberg

Venture Partner

Lukas André

Venture Partner

Gaurav Singh

Venture Partner

Investment Team

Franciska Dethlefsen

Julius Bachmann

Bastian Faulhaber

Niklas Dietz

Anastasia Wolter

Dr. Stefano Gurciullo

Business Intelligence, Data Science and Marketing

Axel Wünsch

Anastasia Gonotskaya

Jan Hlousek

Maximilian Friedrich



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